Booking A Hunt

 The deposit due upon booking is 50% of the fee for a Shotgun/Muzzleloader/Rifle Hunt and 25% of the fee for an Archery hunt.  Upon receipt of the deposit, the client is booked to hunt during the seasons predicated by the state hunting regulations.  In the event that you are a new hunter to book with Whitetail Xtreme, LLC and you have the accumulated number of points necessary (applies to Iowa) to draw a tag and hunt in that given year. The payment schedule will be negotiated via email on how payments are to be paid.  Please note that Whitetail Xtreme, LLC now accepts all major credit cards.  All deposits are non-refundable. The 3% convenience fee applies to all credit card transactions.


Archery Hunt Deposit (5 year rotation)

Archery Hunt deposits will be requested within the 1st Quarter, but no later than March 31st of each calendar year prior to the hunt. In the event an Archery hunter draws a tag on the 4rd year in lieu of the 5th year, there will be a double deposit required. A deposit will be required within the 1st Quarter but no later than March 31st of that year and within 30 days of the release of the draw. If the hunter was successful in the draw, he/she will be required to make final payment within 30 days upon notification that he/she has been successful in the draw to Whitetail Xtreme, LLC.  Archery hunters are on a 5 year rotation process.  It typically takes four (4) years of preference points with draw of a license on the fourth (5) year.  (Iowa)


Gun Hunt Deposit (3 year rotation)

Gun hunters (shotgun/muzzleloader/rifle) shall provide a 50% deposit within the 1st Quarter, but no later than March 31st of each calendar year leading up to their hunt. Gun and muzzleloader hunters are on a three-year rotation process. Two year’s to apply for a point, and the following year to apply for and/or draw the tag.  (Iowa) 

Whitetail Xtreme, LLC does not accept payment during the onset of a hunt. All payments must be made prior to the hunter’s arrival, no exceptions.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that a hunter creates a cancellation, no monies will be refunded unless it is for a medical and/or family emergency. In most cases, Whitetail Xtreme, LLC will allow you the use of your hunt money towards another hunt at a later date.  Each instance will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Whitetail Xtreme, LLC.

The following items must be furnished solely by the hunter:

  • Firearms and/or Bow and ammunition legal for taking the game that is going to be hunted.
  • A valid state hunting license issued for the state/area that the hunter will be hunting in.
  • During gun season, a solid orange hat and vest.
  • Personal clothing and boots necessary for the hunters comfort.
  • Hunters Safety System Type Harness if utilizing an elevated stand location.


Weapon Policy

The client will practice firearm safety at all times and will be required to site in weapon witnessed by Whitetail Xtreme, LLC prior to the start of the hunt.  The client will at all times when traveling with a weapon, have it cased and keep it unloaded whether a bow or gun.  All weapons must be cased and unloaded while in a vehicle.


Wound Policy

In the event the hunter draws blood on an animal and the animal is not recovered, it will be considered a “wound”.  Whitetail Xtreme, LLC has a flat rate “wound fee policy” of $500.00 to continue to hunt. In the event that you pay the wound fee to continue to hunt and wound a second animal, your hunt will then be over.  It is our goal for each and every hunter to practice making proper shot placement in order to keep our recovery rate on game high.


Minimum Antler Restrictions

All farms managed by Whitetail Xtreme, LLC have a 140” B&C class minimum gross score requirement.  Any deer taken by a hunter under 140” B&C shall be assessed a $50.00 per inch fee below 140” B&C.  Any deer taken below 125″ B&C will be a flat $1000.00.  All measurements to determine final B&C gross score will be performed and documented by Whitetail Xtreme, LLC.  Management of our deer herd plays a significant role in providing the opportunity at mature quality buck.  The antler restriction is one of the few things we can do to accomplish this.  


Trophy Provision

Any deer harvested with a gross score over 170” B&C gross will require a flat fee of $500.00.  Whitetail Xtreme, LLC will use this $500.00 fee towards having replica antlers made so we may do a mount for the lodge.  Whitetail Xtreme, LLC will cover all costs associated with the taxidermy fees and any additional costs for the mounting of the replica antlers.  Most of our hunters are repeat hunters.  Providing a mount for the lodge for everyone to enjoy gives them the opportunity to relive that hunt and share with others in camp their hunting adventure which ended  with a fantastic buck.



All hunters are responsible for their transportation to and from the lodge. On some occasions we will be involved in daily placement of the hunter with our outfitter owned vehicles.  It is recommended that each two hunters (if hunting in groups) have at least one 4×4 vehicle to facilitate back and forth to their hunting locations.  Our main hunting lodge is located approximately 1hr 45min from Kansas City Int. Airport.



Whitetail Xtreme, LLC provides lodging facilities which including food, sleeping quarters and toilet/shower facilities.  We have two lodges less than 1 mile apart.  The main lodge can sleep up to 20 and lodge two up to 12.  Both lodges have full kitchens, multiple restrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, dens and laundry facilities.  We provide all breakfast foods, cereals, lunch items and snacks for each hunter to make as they need.  Each and every night of your hunt a full coarse hot dinner is provided by a great local cook.