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Welcome to the Xtreme Blog Page!


We welcome any questions or feedback on our hunts that we provide.  Some of the best feedback & information comes from hunters that have already joined the club!


Please check in occasionally to see if any updates have been posted!!!

2014 Season Kicks Off With A ........................SPLASH??????

By whitetailxtrem1018, Nov 5 2014 11:45PM

Congrats to one of our first hunters in camp this year!! What a great looking deer to be harvested within the first couple days of the hunt!! "Pink" did not want to let this one just walk on by after presenting such a perfect shot. With his (many) years worth of knowledge and experience he just had to pull the trigger on this one! With only 36lb of draw on his bow "Pink" knows shot placement is everything in this game. Way to go "Pink"! ..........Now if we only had a boat...

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