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We welcome any questions or feedback on our hunts that we provide.  Some of the best feedback & information comes from hunters that have already joined the club!


Please check in occasionally to see if any updates have been posted!!!

By whitetailxtrem1018, Jun 28 2015 08:00PM

Whitetail Xtreme would like to thank all participants that had entered this year's contest! We had a great number of entries from all over the country looking to win that hunt of a lifetime. This year's contest winner for an Iowa Gun 2 hunt is Beau Mallet from Arkansas. Congratulations Beau!!!! Get your gear ready and bags packed to go chasing after that next Iowa monster buck!! Please contact us to claim your prize and receive info on your upcoming trophy hunt with Whitetail Xtreme, LLC.

We look forward to having you join the Whitetail Xtreme family!!

Sincerely, - Team Whitetail Xtreme Staff

By whitetailxtrem1018, Jan 19 2015 09:55PM

Well Randy never thought that this being his first time hunting with Whitetail Xtreme would start off with such a pig of a deer! After arriving in camp and shooting in his gun Randy was taken to see where he would be hunting. Randy would be hunting in one of our new box blind sets that overlooks some of our newly planted food plots. With this particular location and most of our sets, we always recommend an all day sit. You just never know when that buck of a lifetime will decide to stretch his legs, look for that doe still in heat and walk on by. Well the first morning was full of action as Randy passed up on numerous deer that just were not mature enough. Wrapping up the morning with some great action Randy settled in for the afternoon anticipating the approaching final few hours of daylight which typically lends itself to more deer movement. Not long after lunch he spotted some deer moving through and prepared for the shot if need be. As the deer moved closer within range through the Iowa timber and along one of the many ditches Iowa is famous for (or infamous!!) he could see that it was a buck! With each step the buck took Randy prepared for the shot and continued to peer through his scope waiting for that conclusive view that this would be the one! Finally, the buck stepped through a clearing and turned his head towards him. "No doubt on this one"!...... The buck presented the shot and Randy did not hesitate in taking it!

This heavy horned pig hit the dirt at approximately 1:30pm. It's massive main beams were just over 24 inches inside and carried mass the entire length of its beams. Green score B&C on this deer just over 189 inches!! WOW!

Hunting the great state of Iowa, you just never know when that buck of a lifetime will walk on by!! Never forget that midafternoon can be just as productive as early morning or evening! Great job Randy!

By whitetailxtrem1018, Dec 24 2014 10:53PM

For any hunters that want to come out and chase some Iowa turkey’s!! Please see below for the upcoming season and application requirements.

Turkey Booking Information:

Spring Turkey Hunt Costs: 5 day hunt - $800.00 (Includes lodging and meals.)

* $200.00 due no later than January 23rd. This will secure a season to hunt in and hunting seat. If not received, first come, first serve on remaining seats available.

* Upon award of tag, $600.00 due no later than March 17th.

Additional Services:

* Guest cost per person.

* $25.00 per day lodging.

* $25.00 per day dinner.

* If hunting is booked in groups, for every 6 hunters booked with deposits received the 7th is free!

* Upon availability, fully guided services are an additional $100.00 per day. Must be paid with booking fee to secure guide.

Non Resident Application Period:

* Jan 1 – 25

* Applications for tags can be made through the Iowa DNR website (www.iowadnr.gov) or by calling 1-800-367-1188.

Info required at booking:

* Location – Zone 4

* Season hunting – 2, 3, or 4. (Please note we do not hunt season 1.)

To all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

By whitetailxtrem1018, Nov 17 2014 02:02PM

Congratulations to one of our last bow hunters in camp who took this beautiful Iowa whitetail buck!! Bill passed up on 140 to 150 inch buck all week long and it paid off big time!! The weather finally broke to some very cold mornings in the mid teens, a front moved in and brought with it some bigger deer movement. Knowing what's walking these ditches and fence rows Bill had no issues passing on some quality buck throughout the week. Hunting with Whitetail Xtreme through the years he has taken some great deer and had set his sights on continuing to hold out for mature buck. The last day of his hunt started out very cold, light snow squalls blew in every hour or so. The day progressed with some sightings of different buck but none to draw on. Finally, late afternoon was upon him and everthing became quiet and still. Some movement caught his eye, a doe was moveing towards his stand. Then the glimps of some horn, a buck was on her.........this was the one! Bill grabbed his bow and moved into position anticipating the shot. It took less than four minutes but seemed like four hours for the buck to come into range. Finally, at 35 yards Bill drew back his bow while some light snow started to fall again. Releasing his arrow he watched it pass through on taget.....done deal!! The buck ran less than 40 yards and crashed! Now the excitement of closing the deal sets in and he takes a few minutes before climbing out of his stand to retrieve his buck. This fantastic 7x7 whitetail green scored just over 186 inches!! Again, we want to thank all of our bow hunters for hunting with Whitetail Xtreme and look forward to having you all in camp again! With bow season coming to a close soon, we can't wait to see what our gun hunters will put on the ground!!!

By whitetailxtrem1018, Nov 5 2014 11:45PM

Congrats to one of our first hunters in camp this year!! What a great looking deer to be harvested within the first couple days of the hunt!! "Pink" did not want to let this one just walk on by after presenting such a perfect shot. With his (many) years worth of knowledge and experience he just had to pull the trigger on this one! With only 36lb of draw on his bow "Pink" knows shot placement is everything in this game. Way to go "Pink"! ..........Now if we only had a boat...

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